Edible Feature: Roxy's Ice Cream

Recently Edible Magazine dawned it's premier issue for the Oklahoma City area, and I am contributing a column called Ely Loves Local, in which I highlight Oklahoma City restaurant owners. Check out our most recent feature on Roxy's Ice Cream Social.

Pistachio. That is was the scoop that made me fall in love with the little pink and yellow Roxy’s Ice Cream Social truck on a summer night at Myriad Gardens. Shane & Raena Mutz are the head and the heart behind this delectable ice cream business. A husband and wife team who love their pup and spend their time creating a product that helps create sweet memories for other families – these are my kind of people.

And now that Roxy's has opened their bright and cheery brick and mortar shop on Northwest 16th Street, fellow ice cream lovers are able to pop in and experience the joy of a sugar cane dreamsicle floats or ice cream cones six day a week. Built on the memories of nights spent with family eating homemade ice cream, Raena and Shane drove their little truck onto Oklahoma City’s food truck scene in the spring of 2012 and have parked a spot in our community’s heart. 

Restaurant Name: Roxy's Ice Cream Social

Shop Owner’s Names: Shane and Raena Mutz

Website: www.roxysicecream.com

What area of town is your shop in? The Plaza District

When did you start Roxy's: April 2012

How did you choose the name Roxy's? We played around with different names and ended up between Roxy's Ice Cream Company or Ice Cream Social. We decided to combine the two and name it after our spunky great dane girlie Roxy. 

Tell us a little background on your business, where your inspiration came from, and what made you decide to take the plunge and open and start Roxy's: In the fall of 2011, we opened a food truck and then decided to sell it. Shane then started building food trucks for people. I had him build me a food truck so I could run it by myself while he was building other people's trucks. It has now turned into more than a full time business for the both of us and Shane doesn't get to build very many trucks anymore. We chose ice cream because it has always been a special treat in my family (Raena). At family gatherings we would always have homemade ice cream. It is something that is comforting and delicious. 

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Raena- Strawberry
Shane- It varies from day to day but I can't turn down a scoop of pistachio.

What does a typical day at Roxy's look like for you guys? We make ice cream everyday, a lot of ice cream. We are usually at the shop and then working the truck most days too. 

When you decided to open a brick and mortar shop, why did you decide on the Plaza District? We started coming to the Plaza District when we first opened the truck and it was always our favorite spot. Our brick and mortar location actually fell into our laps thanks to a few loyal customers. When we got the offer we knew immediately it was going to be home base. The area has the best sense of community and it just feels like home.

How do you think having a shop has changed your business? I think that it is great that people will always know where to find us. Just having the truck people were always having to chase us down. It also gives us an opportunity to try new flavors and add our cane sugar soda line. 

What is your favorite part of the Roxy's shop experience vs. the Roxy's truck experience? It is nice to have to time to talk to customers instead of it being so fast paced on the truck. We really enjoy people getting to make memories at the shop and come back and share it with loved ones. 

What would you say was your biggest challenge to overcome? Hiring employees. We have been running the business by ourselves and getting to create relationships with our customers. Now, having to keep that spirit going through our staff is what we work on every day. We want every experience to be better than expected. 

What is the most rewarding part of your business? We love to see regular customers and to see people come in for the first time. We can't help but think we are creating lasting memories for the community. 

I love that you've added the new cane sugar soda line. Are there any new fun products we can see popping up in the Roxy's line? We are really excited to expand our brand with products other than ice cream. We do have some things in the works, but we want to keep it under wraps for now. 

Tell us a little about your food & business theory.
We don't find the need to advertise it, but we use the best quality and local products we can get our hands on. The idea behind our ice cream is to do the classic ice cream flavors really well and sometimes with a twist. You won't find us going too far out of the box.

What aspects of Oklahoma City do you think are best for having a restaurant? The food scene is alive and vibrant in OKC. New restaurants are popping up everywhere and the community is there to support them, whether it be a food truck or a brick and mortar. 

In what ways do you wish to see Oklahoma City grow, and which aspects do you hope never change? It would be great to see other venues for food trucks to go. It can be tough making it day to day. We started as a food truck when food trucks were somewhat taboo. We hope the support we get from the community never changes. OKC is so welcoming to new businesses. 

When you aren't dreaming up delicious ice cream flavors, what hobbies do you enjoy? We love to try new places to eat. OKC has such a great diversity of cuisines. We of course like to sleep in and play with Roxy and her brother Zeus.

Other than your ice cream and soda fountain shop in the Plaza District, how can we find your adorable truck cruising around town? We always post where the truck will be on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can always find us at Live on the Plaza (2nd Friday), H&8th (last Friday), and Heard on Hurd (3rd Saturday) from March-October.

Thanks so much Raena & Shane for sharing a little bit about your little shop of happiness!